Fake News

Disinformation targets political campaigns and brands

What We Do

Quickly detect viral misinformation on social networks, alert our clients, and mitigate the threat

The Technology

AI technology that is content-agnostic, network-based and scalable

Memes, Deep Fakes, and Code Words

Fake News attacks use memes, manipulated videos, and code words to avoid detection. VineSight’s unique networked-based AI technology cuts through the noise to quickly expose them.

VineSight in the News

Recent Publications

VineSight published an overview of the most viral fake news attacks on each of the top Democratic presidential candidates that our algorithm picked up before and during the debates.

Who We Are

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Gideon Blocq

Chief Executive Officer

Nir Hauser

Chief Technology Officer

Yoel Grinshpon
Vice President for Research


VineSight has been selected to participate in the prestigious Technion DRIVE Accelerator program